Data Discovery

Pulse utilizes sensors to collect data across your IT systems, setting the stage for an in-depth insight into the health and strategic alignment of your IT ecosystem. By deploying sensors on customer premises or running them on the Pulse platform, we ensure comprehensive data capture, tailored to the unique landscapes of modern businesses. This process encompasses seamless operational data collection and the customization of sensors for niche requirements, optimizing analysis for security, efficiency, and strategic relevance. These steps enable a detailed evaluation and enhancement of IT operations, highlighting our commitment to driving strategic decision-making and operational excellence.


Sensor Deployment

Pulse’s sensors are the foundation of our data collection efforts. For optimal performance and connectivity, it’s recommended that these sensors are deployed within your local network. This positioning ensures direct access to the various systems and applications that constitute your IT ecosystem, enabling the seamless capture of detailed operational data. However, understanding the varied IT landscapes of today’s businesses, Pulse sensors are also designed to be fully functional on the Pulse platform. This flexibility allows for tailored deployment strategies that best fit your organizational needs, ensuring efficient data capture regardless of your IT environment’s specifics.

Data Collection

Once deployed, Pulse sensors embark on the critical task of collecting operational data from your IT systems, automatically generating signals that represent the operational state of your IT infrastructure. These signals can optionally be pruned for security purposes or transformed for simplified processing by the fitness engine. This ensures not only the security and privacy of your data but also optimizes the analysis process, making it more efficient and tailored to specific needs. The generated signals, inherently reflective of your IT operations, are thus ready for a comprehensive evaluation and scoring by Pulse’s fitness engine.

Custom Sensors

Recognizing that every organization has unique data needs and strategic objectives, Pulse enables the development of custom sensors. These custom solutions allow you to extend the capabilities of standard sensors, ensuring that even the most specific or niche data sources within your IT landscape can be monitored and analyzed. Whether it’s a proprietary application or a specialized technology stack, custom sensors ensure that your data collection is as comprehensive and relevant as possible. By facilitating the capture of tailored data sets, Pulse empowers organizations to gain deeper insights into their IT operations, enhancing strategic decision-making and operational excellence.