Fitness Engine

The Fitness Engine, integral to the Orcasio Pulse Platform, begins by processing signals from sensors as its primary input. It then calculates Fitness Scores through Fitness Functions, assigning weights to gauge each function's strategic importance. The Engine automatically tags data based on predefined tags in the Fitness Functions, enhancing dashboard organization for better data visualization. This streamlined approach provides a nuanced understanding of IT infrastructure health, aligning insights closely with organizational objectives.


Fitness Engine

At the core of the Engine’s functionality is its ability to process signals generated by sensors deployed across the IT ecosystem. These signals, rich with data on the operational state of various IT components, are the raw materials from which the Engine crafts its insights. The Engine calculates Fitness Scores by applying specific Fitness Functions to the incoming signals. Each of these functions is weighted, reflecting the relative importance of different aspects of IT health and performance as dictated by organizational priorities. This weighting system ensures that the analysis is not just comprehensive but also aligned with the strategic goals of the organization.

Fitness Function

A Fitness Function is an objective measure used to assess how closely a solution aligns with its objectives. In the Orcasio Pulse Platform, it evaluates IT domains across aspects like operational health, performance, security, and compliance. Customizable to fit organizational needs, these functions enable the weighting of different aspects based on their strategic importance, ensuring that evaluations directly support organizational goals and priorities.